A loan with a negative BIK

The negative credit history recorded at Biuro Informacji Kredytowej SA, ie BIK is one of the most common reasons for refusing to grant a loan or credit. In such a situation, however, we are not completely deprived of the possibility of receiving financial support. Where to look for help when we have a bad story at BIK?

Credit Information Bureau is a special database, which receives information from banks, credit unions and non-banking institutions. This is information about the clients of these companies who decided to borrow money . BIK has both positive and negative customer data. If we pay our liabilities in a timely manner, then we build our positive credit history. Otherwise – negative.

What is the reason for the negative BIK?

The history of customer lending is presented in BIK in the form of scoring – it is a method of point credit risk assessment and its purpose is to determine the creditworthiness of the person applying for the loan . Scoring is also presented in the form of asterisks, the number of which depends on the points.

When creating scoring, the most important are the timely repayment of debts, debit limits on accounts and cards, as well as the tendency to borrow.

Therefore, the basic factors lowering BIK are:

  1. delays in repayment of liabilities – loans, credits, credit limits
  2. the number of liabilities in which delays occur
  3. the length of the repayment delay
  4. the amount that we will cover

However, a delay in repayment of one day does not automatically mean that we will go to the BIK database as an unreliable customer. In the case of a delay of 1-30 days, the scoring will not be changed, but already over 31 days. The BIK also contains information on whether debt collection and enforcement actions have been taken, or debt has been recovered or remitted.

Where for a loan with a negative BIK?

As it is not difficult to guess, banks and other institutions will be reluctant to grant loans and credits to those people whose credit history, ie scoring, will not be positive. It is a big risk for them, because the client may also not pay the debt.

In banks, we will most often receive a refusal, but this does not mean that we can not apply for a loan somewhere else. For a loan without a BIK, first of all, we can go to non-bank loan companies, the so-called parabanks. Selected ones do not take into account BIK reports, so we can receive money also when we have financial problems.

However, we should be aware that a loan with a negative BIK will not be cheap. Most often the interest rate is maximum, and additionally, there are other additional fees, for example a high margin. In this way, the loan company minimizes its risk. Therefore, a loan without BIK will be less attractive than other loans and credits, however, it is often the only solution for a person whose credit history is unfavorable to her.